Application Fee

Application Fee

Application Fee


Contact the Superintendent to view the apartment.

To rent the apartment you must be prepared to provide all personal information required on the applications.

Please note guarantors are required for all applicants. The applicant(s) and the Guarantor(s) will provide information on their income.

Applicant(s) must meet a gross income of at least four (4) times the annual rent and the guarantor(s) at least eight (8) times the annual rent.

There is a non-refundable fee $100 application/credit check fee for each applicant and non-refundable fee $80 application/credit check fee for the guarantor. Please click on the PayPal tab to submit your payment.

Documents Required

Applicant(s) Application

  • Photo ID
  • 6 consecutive paystubs
  • Letter of employment or letter of offer from their employer (if they have been employed for a short period of time)
  • Three (3) months of bank statements checking and/or savings


Guarantor(s) Application

  • First two pages of the 1040 tax form from the previous year.


You can submit ALL documents by fax to (212) 463-9988 or you can email them to

If additional paperwork is needed, someone from our office will contact you.